Why strengthening the Gluteus muscles (buttocks muscles) is so important?

The glutes are an incredibly powerful and important muscle. There are three layers to the glute muscles: gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus. Today we are focusing on the gluteus medius.

The gluteus medius muscle is the gluteal muscle that sits just above the prominent bone at the side of the hip. The primary function of this muscle is to abduct the hip (bring the leg out), but perhaps its more important function is to stabilize the hip, laterally (from the outside). This muscle is especially active when standing on a single leg, which is important for movements including walking, running, and changing directions. Weakness in this muscle can result in pain, soreness, and injury to the hip itself, the IT band, and the knee. Try the following exercises to keep the gluteus medius strong and functional.

Gluteus medius strengthening Exercises: (See video below for demo!)

Clamshells: repetitions = 10, sets = 2, both sides

Hip hike: repetitions = 10, sets = 2, both sides

Side straight leg raise: repetitions = 10, sets = 2, both sides

Banded side steps: repetitions = 10, sets = 2

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Disclaimer: Please note these exercises may not be right for you. Please discuss your concerns with your physio or healthcare provider before starting these or any new exercises.

By: Chris Dahiroc, Physiotherapist

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