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What is TeleRehab?

We are offering remote access injury rehabilitation with our Physiotherapists to anyone who may need assistance during this time. Even with Covid-19 causing us to put a "pause" on our lives, our previous or new injuries will not wait until we can resume in clinic visits. Helping you manage any old, existing or new injuries and pains is essential and we are still available to help you.

TeleRehab is an online live video session, allowing you to communicate with their Physiotherapist using a computer, tablet or phone.

What are we doing in our TeleRehab sessions?

  • Providing self management techniques and tips
  • Observing changes in Range or mobility
  • Observing, modifying and progressing home exercise programs
  • Continuity of care

Advantages of TeleRehab sessions:

  • Assessing any new issues or pains you are experiencing 
  • Continuity of care
  • Continuing to visually assess form and posture during exercises
  • Assessing your home office setup and recommending adjustments 
  • Progress or adjust exercises as needed
  • Continue to discuss and provide tips on managing pain at home
  • Having a point of contact with your therapist to discuss strategies regarding injury setbacks, regressions or risk of having a condition flare up.

Will my insurance cover TeleRehab sessions?

Most insurance companies have announced that they are now covering TeleRehab Physiotherapy sessions!


Contact us today and we can help confirm your coverage details!