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What does a Sports Medicine Physician do?

A sports medicine physician is part of the team of therapists involved in the rehabilitation process. Following an injury, the goals are to alleviate pain, improve function, and return to a normal (or improved) level of activity. The role of a sports medicine physician in your rehabilitation team is primarily to investigate, diagnose, and treat injuries related to muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints. These injuries can be acute (for example, from trauma or sports) or related to overuse. Sports medicine physicians often use physical exam maneuvers and imaging (like x-rays and ultrasounds) to identify the source of pain/dysfunction. Treatment generally involves some form of rehabilitation, but might also involve interventional therapies like joint injections. On occasion, medications are prescribed to treat pain, inflammation, or neuropathy.

A Sports Medicine Physician can treat the following conditions:

-        Acute sport-related injuries

-        Sport-related concussion

-        Overuse and repetitive stress injuries (sport- or non-sport-related)

-        Joint pain or instability

-        Degenerative joint pathology (e.g., osteoarthritis)

-        Conditions requiring joint or bursal injection

-        Pre-participation physical examinations

What to expect on your first visit:

Your visit with a sports medicine physician is not unlike any other visit to the doctor. Consultations are covered by OHIP. They generally begin with a review of your injury in some detail. There will also be a review of your medical history and current medications. Then, the physician will ask about how your injury has progressed over time and whether you have undergone any treatments for it. If you have had any imaging done, it will also be reviewed here (note: please have your doctor send all imaging reports with your referral). After a physical examination of the joint or area in question, the physician will review likely diagnoses and suggest management options.


How to schedule an appointment with a Sports Medicine Physician

Have your family physician send a referral (complete with your medical history, imaging reports, and any other relevant testing) to 1-855-953-3537. Once referral has been received, your Doctor will receive a confirmation, from there you will be contacted to schedule within two weeks for an appointment with Dr. Larocque. 


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