Compressions socks/stockings are for everyone!

We commonly associate compression socks with the aging population or with pregnancy, however compression socks can be beneficial for just about compression jaanyone. Compression socks provide a controlled gradient of compression with the most compression at the ankle and decreasing compression going up. Compression socks help improve circulation, decrease swelling and provide relief from tired and achy legs. They are also most commonly used for varicose veins.

Whether your lifestyle has you sitting at a busy, standing on your feet or constantly walking on various terrains including hard floors Compression socks may help relieve any swelling or soreness associated with your lifestyle.

Our health practitioners can get you fitted to determine what size, style, and length of compression sock would be best for your lifestyle and conditions/pain. Compression socks can come in either knee or thigh high length as well as various styles and colours to choose from.

Compression socks are sometimes covered by your Extended Health Benefits. A doctor’s prescription for compression socks along with the diagnosis and grad of compression (20-30mmHg) is usually required by insurance companies.

By: Fatima Dias PTA/OTA

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