How to get the most out of your Massage Therapy session

1. Communication is key

Your visit to your RMT and the outcome of how effective the treatment will be, heavily depends on communication before, during, and after your treatment. Before your treatment, make sure you communicate clearly what your goals are and what you hope to achieveNelly 14 massage page through your treatments.  This will help your RMT formulate a treatment plan taking into consideration what you want.  It is our priority to provide you with the safest and most effective treatment possible while achieving your goal. During your session, do not shy away from providing input concerning discomfort, pain, or pressure.  Nothing is worse than enduring an hour of unnecessary pain.  Make sure to share which techniques you liked and what you found to be most effective. After your treatment, provide input into how you feel and make sure to discuss future treatments.  Your RMT will demonstrate using heat or ice, stretches, and exercises which will help you maintain and improve your overall health.  Do not be afraid to voice your concerns or ask questions.

2. Do not neglect your home care remedial exercises

It is imperative that everyone does their home care stretches and exercises.  The purpose behind remedial exercise is to make sure you continue forward and not backwards in your progress.  You may feel instant relief, but without proper remedial home care, you may end up back where you started or worse.  Make sure these exercises become a part of your daily life.


3. Breathe, relax, and enjoy

Whether you are receiving a light Swedish massage or a deep rigorous massage, it requires complete relaxation.  Achieving this is much easier said than done.  In order to get the full benefit out of a treatment, you need to relax and avoid tightening or contracting muscles which is counterproductive.  Learn how to breathe deeply and rhythmically to relax the mind and your body.

By: Jonathan Chang, RMT.

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