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What is TCM Acupuncture?

Many people will come across the term “acupuncture” upon visiting their healthcare professional.  TCM stands for “Traditional Chinese Medicine,” and has long been used to treat many diseases. TCM involves many branches of medicine, one major branch is the use of needles to impose change known as acupuncture.

TCM Acupuncture is known to treat many ailments that range from musculoskeletal diseases, dietary issues (ie, bloating and abdominal pain in IBS or Crohns), headaches, allergies, sleep, stress, fertility, and many more.

Why visit a Registered Acupuncturist?

Registered Acupuncturists are highly trained in comparison to other healthcare practitioners in the aspect of theory and clinical training.  Your average Registered Acupuncturist will have studied for at least 3 years with over 3500 hours of clinical hands-on training with the public.  Popular terms such as “dry needling” or “medical acupuncture” and other modalities like cupping or gua-sha (similar to Graston) are all performed by Registered Acupuncturists.

Acupuncture can treat the following conditions:

- Digestive conditions such as bloating, and abdominal pain
- IBS or Crohn's disease
- Musculoskeletal injuries
- Arthritis
- Facial paralysis (Bell's palsy), Multiple Sclerosis
- Stroke/concussion
- Cancer related symptoms such as nausea, headaches, or muscle fatigue and soreness
- Fertility

What to expect on your first visit

TCM relies heavily on TCM diagnosis which involves observations.  Such observations will involve taking the pulse and looking at the tongue.  The pulse and tongue provide valuable information as to how a person is feeling internally and externally.  For example, If your tongue is very red, and your pulse is very strong, this may indicate some internal heat and pain.  

Be prepared to answer many questions that involve the whole body system from head to toe.  TCM involves treatment of issues starting at the root cause. So it is important we ask thorough questions pertaining to not only to your pain, but your lifestyle as well.

Treatments vary depending on time, but typically involve massage, cupping, and the use of needles.

Post-treatment, you will be given home care exercises and also lifestyle/dietary changes to improve overall health.


If you are unsure if Acupuncture  is what you need please contact us.

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